Icons are interactive elements that are used in applications for UI purposes. An icon component allows you to add icons to your page.


How to use it?

  • After you drag and drop the icon component, you will find a static icon in place. This can be modified by providing a different icon URL to set an icon of your choice. 
  • You can choose a background color for the icon from the color palette.
  • To add a badge to the icon, turn on the badge toggle button. Badges can be set as a count or as a dot.
  • If a badge is set as a count, the count value can be manually set or called using global/local variables and input parameters.
  • You can set the badge color from the color palette.
  • You can also add a tooltip for your icon and position it.
  • In Style properties, you will be able to adjust the sizing, modify the padding and margin, and set the border size, color, and radius.
  • In Event properties, you will be able to add the event “On click” to direct the icon to perform an action. 
There are three actions that can be performed:
  1. Redirection - This action redirects you to the user-defined pages, the system-defined home page, or lets you go back to the same page.
  2. Open popup - The open popup action lets you open a popup that you had created using the Popup component.
  3. JavaScript action - The JavaScript action lets you define the action that you want to perform using JS code.

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