Columns are a unique type of container component. You can use columns to place and organize content side-by-side horizontally. In Kissflow, you can add columns, change their layout, and create responsive layouts. Columns help you place and organize content side by side. Each column element consists of a single row of columns.

Adding columns

Drag a Columns element from the elements panel and drop it onto your page editor.

Selecting a layout

From the columns settings, you can select a layout option, and you'll see the layout change right on the canvas. Here, you can select the number of columns you want.

These are six types of columns that you can create:

  • Two columns
  • Three columns
  • Four columns
  • Small left
  • Small right
  • Small left & right

Make changes to your columns layout

You can always go to element settings and make any changes to resize your columns, or even add or remove columns. You can also access the columns settings by selecting the element and pressing enter.

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