Application deployment


This article details Kissflow Low-code's deployment process. Application deployment is essential for transferring your application and any metadata from the development to the test environment.

The deployment procedure

Deploying applications is how you give value to end users by releasing any application updates. The Kissflow Low-code application updates can be deployed from the development environment to the test environment by the application developers.


Deploying application from Development to Test environment

  • Inside the Application builder of your Low-code account's development environment, click Deploy beside Run.



  • Choose the Test environment and specify the version number of the application. You can optionally deploy the application as a new build. This will however overwrite any build that was already deployed to the Test environment.


Deploying application from Test to Production environment

After your developed application has been moved to the Test environment, QA personnel with access to the Test environment can navigate to Administration > Applications to see a list of applications that are ready for production deployment. Click the Deploy button at the end of any application to move the application to the production environment.


Failed deployments

After a failed deployment, you'll be able to obtain essential information regarding the failed deployment by checking the logs.

Deployment dependencies

Application deployment will fail if you have employed  application-to-application lookup in your app.

The Dependencies from other apps popup appears when you have created form lookups from other applications that are not yet deployed.

This popup displays the list of linked apps and the forms and fields in your application that uses the data. To fix this dependency, the applications listed here must be deployed first. Only then will you be able to deploy your application.


Deployment dependencies occur when you link two undeployed apps and look up data from one app to another.
You will not encounter deployment dependencies in the following cases:
If you link an undeployed app to yours without looking up data from it.
If you link a deployed app and create data lookups from that app to yours.

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