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By default, an application created using Kissflow Low-code is private. It can only be accessed by the application owner, who is an admin of the application. The admin can share the entire application with individual users or groups, and assign admin or member permission to them. The admin can invite the others to view, edit, deploy, archive, and/or archive and delete the application.

The users and groups with whom the application is being shared may have different sets of permissions based on the scope of the work they have to accomplish with the application.

The application developers with whom the application is shared can be:

Admins: Developers who can create, edit, deploy, archive, and delete an application.

Members : Individuals or groups who help the admin modify the application based on specific requirements. They will have create, edit, and deploy access.

Sharing application with new developers

Developers are users in the Kissflow Low-code account who've additional permission to perform specific tasks within the application that you've created. A user with the admin or member permission is considered a co-owner of the application and has the same level of access to other sections as the application's administrator.

To share the application:

  1. Access your application > Application builder > click Developers.
  2. Click Add developers > enter the name of the user or group that you want to add as an application developer.

  3. Assign Admin or Member permissions under Role. Click Add.

Managing admins and members

You can change the permission of an Admin or Member by accessing the developer card > clicking the More options button (

) to make the require change. You can also remove a admin or member from an application by clicking Remove button.

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