Grid widget

What is a grid?

A grid widget is an UI element that you can drag and drop from the fields panel into specific sections for optimizing the empty spaces within a Form. 

You can add any number of rows, placing fields one below the other, in a grid. However, the number of columns, placing fields next to each other, is limited by the horizontal space available in the form. 

For example, when adding a Geolocation field to a Contact section in a form, there is ample empty space adjacent to it. You can use this available space effectively by adding a grid layout and populating it with rows of fields inside for email address, contact number, etc. 

Tip: In addition to space utilization, you can group fields within the grid and apply visibility conditions controlling when specific elements are displayed.

Permissions applicable to other fields do not extend to the grid widget. It is solely a layout element.

Resizing a grid

You can easily resize a grid by adjusting its corners, provided there are empty columns available. 

Moreover, if a field in the grid spans across the entire width of the  grid, you cannot resize the grid without adjusting the fieldโ€™s size first. So, always modify the fieldโ€™s dimension, create an empty column, and then resize the grid. 


It is not possible to add a grid inside another grid.