Managing apps

As an Account Admin in the production environment, you have total control over all the applications created in your Low-code environment. Here, you can see all the applications in production environment, their version number, publisher name, published date, and their status.

Users and roles assigned to your applications in development and test environments are not moved to production. In live, you must manually update any users and roles who have access to a specific application. To do this, go to Applications > click the Manage button of an application.

  • Here, you can add members and groups to existing roles.

  • You can also check the detailed deployment history and view change logs of your deployed applications.

Deploying applications to production environment

If you are a Super admin in the Test environment, you will have the additional privilege to Deploy applications to production after testing it. To move an application to live, go to Administration > Applications and click the Deploy button for that application.

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