How to automate barcode scanning in a process form?


If you are developing a process to streamline asset procurement requirements of your organization, you can customize your process form to allow end-users to scan an asset's barcode/QR code and automatically fetch the asset details. You can achieve it with the help of a scanner field, a lookup field that is linked to a dataset's key, and other required fields. When a particular assetโ€™s code is scanned by the end-user, it will auto-populate the assetโ€™s details in the form.

Follow the steps below to configure a scanner field in your asset procurement process:

  1. Sign into Kissflow.
  2. Create a dataset named Asset database and fill it with relevant asset details.

  3. Set unique barcode values as keys in the dataset. This will be the value fetched on scanning the code.
  4. Now, create a process form, then add a scanner field, a lookup field, and other required fields.

  5. From the Asset details lookup field in your form, select the Asset database dataset so you can lookup dataset fields like KeyAsset typeAsset name, and Asset price.

  6. Add a filter to match the dataset key with the value fetched by the scanner field.

  7. You can mark the lookup field as hidden if required.
  8. In the formula builder, compute the particular field with the help of the lookup field, {Lookup_field}.{Field_name}.

    Here, Asset name field is computed using the formula {Asset_details}.{Asset_name}.

  9. Click Go live. In the live process form, once the assetโ€™s barcode/QR code is scanned by the user, the asset details will be auto-populated.